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How it all started
The idea of writing my first kids' book popped up in my head when in January 1999, after the Christmas holidays, I went to the kennel to bring Barry back home. And the whole thing started in 2000, some time after the book was published in Belgium and its sale promoted by the Service du Livre Luxembourgeois, a Belgian cultural institution that also took up since then the sale of all my kids' books, except for my ebooks.

About future projects
My first adults' novel has been published, and I'll be working for the next few years on a very special children's book collection that I started on my granddaughters' second anniversary under the title "Sofia & Adélia" (their names). The first book of the series - originally bilingual French-Portuguese - is already also published in German, and soon hopefully also in English. The third book of this series will appear for their fourth birthday. Other ideas are also popping up in my head, but there’s simply not enough hours in a day or days in a week to do all the things that I’d like to do - though I'm retired...

About invitations
It was through the Service du Livre Luxembourgeois that I was first invited in 2000 to a number of literary and pedagogical activities in a few European countries. Attending events promoted by the Service du Livre Luxembourgeois – and some time later also by the association Amitié Portugal-Luxembourg, by the association France-Portugal, and more recently by the Portuguese Cultural Association of Strasbourg – offered me the opportunity of making acquaintances at different levels and being invited in turn to other cultural activities and events in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Prague, and other places. It also happens that contacts are established through the internet, as this was the case with a high school in Romania where took place the first performance of my children's play Pingouin et le Figuier, which was later performed in Luxembourg.

About visits to schools and respective programs
Every visit is customized to meet individual needs, leaving plenty of time for questions. I love questions! The programs are full of stories, often also of works in progress or books not yet in print. Audience participation and skill-building is encouraged. Whenever possible I love having a meal at the school with the children, and I'm always happy to sign my kids' books. To those wishing to bring a writer (or illustrator) to his/her school, I’d advise that they read the article I wrote on the subject; it gives a few tips that will help prepare this activity.

school activities and animations

What is the BARRY4KIDS project?  
It's a kids' website strongly didactical and free of charge. The site is in four languages, which no doubt is a trump for children (and what about adults?) learning a foreign language at school or living in a country where one of those languages is generally spoken. I would like to call the attention of heads of school and librarians, as well as of parents and cultural associations, to the deep interest for children in using the BARRY4KIDS site regularly.

banner Barry4Kids sobre a quinta

Why are you doing animations about Maths and Science? 
I’ve noticed for some time now that a lot of people – most of them not even authors – do readings at schools and libraries. On the other hand, most children and teenagers are often struggling with Maths and Science. Being able to develop pedagogical activities on both these areas of knowledge has allowed me to make converge to one and only end my two university courses – Letters and Science – and my passion for History: even a Maths exercise or an experiment in Physics or Chemistry may be the subject of a tale or a story often taken directly from History. I believe that there might be a strong demand for this kind of activity, since not everybody has the knowledge required for developing it. Obviously I will always be open to more traditional pedagogical activities, in particular to those relating to my own kids books. And other didactical material (in English, French, German and Portuguese) is also available to teachers and parents. Just send me an email to that purpose.

What are your conditions regarding these activities? 
1. In principle I don’t feel very comfortable in receiving a cash fee when developing activities at schools and libraries or at cultural associations. I would rather have a financial compensation through the sale of my books, which for sure is an advantage for both parties. The minimum quantity required per activity is the sale of 10 of any of my kids' books. As an alternative, I may accept a sale of books in the amount of 100 EUR (or the equivalent amount in another currency). 
    § - § - If we consider that each school has its own library and that the number of children in a classroom is at least 20, I don’t think it will be difficult to reach a minimum sale quantity of 10. Besides, parents usually give their children some money to buy books when they know that a writer is coming to the school for a visit. However, if the school shows interest in my visit but has doubts that the suggested sale amounts can be reached, in no circumstance will this fact be a reason for the visit not to take place. In fact, I’ll visit the school with as much enthusiasm. For tips on how to prepare this activity, please read the article I wrote on the subject. 
    1.1. Anyone buying at least 20 books is entitled to an activity on the condition that the place where the activity will be held is in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland or Portugal, and not farther than 30 km from the city of Luxembourg, or the city of Geneva, or the city of Lisbon. Regarding more far away places, other conditions apply case by case. Alternatively, they may get one free book. 
    1.2. When buying 11 to 30 books, a reduction of 10% applies. From 31 to 50 books, the reduction will be 15%. For more than 50 books, a 20% reduction will apply. 
    1.3. These percentages are to be understood for orders covering the mentioned quantities. If you buy 10 books now, 10 books some time later and so on, I'll be unable to give you a reduction higher than 10%.

2. For theatre performances by both amateur and professional groups, please go to the respective page KIDS Theatre.










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