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Writers usually need a short third-person bio for the purpose of giving a little information about themselves when authoring a book or any other publication. Mine is below.

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Bio: Dulce Rodrigues is the award-winning author of children books and plays, and also of the young people’s website She lives a little everywhere in Europe. She likes gardening, photography, art, music, pets, and books – those written by others and those she writes, especially those she writes for children… of all ages. She was awarded two scholarships and nine literary prizes. While the Honorable Mention awarded at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival came from the US, eight other prizes came from Europe, including the award at the 2013 London Book Festival. A few of her kids' plays were performed in countries in Europe. She has a passion for History and travelling, and she is the proud mother of two sons. Read excerpts from her books, the texts of her conferences, articles about health plants, legends, and whatever you can find at her website – – and feel free to tell her what you think… about anything; she always replies to the messages.

Now, the version for children:

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved books. Books are source of joy, fun, and knowledge.

The young girl was ill very often, and family and friends would bring her books when visiting. And the more she read, the more she loved reading. As for everything else, the more you know something, the more you want to know about it. With reading it’s the same. And the young girl's imagination flourished with stories that would take her to other worlds; with stories she would tell to other children like her.

As the young girl grew older, life changed gradually and she no longer had time to tell stories, but they still popped up in her head and she kept them in a secret place in her memory until a time when... Is it not said that old people become children a second time?

And the once young girl had again all the time in the world to tell stories to young children! And stories happily came back from their forced exile and enjoyed filling in pages and pages of books.

You might have guessed. I was the young girl. My name is Dulce Rodrigues and I’m the award-winning author of children's books and plays and also of the young people’s website in four languages

I hope children of all ages will enjoy my stories as much as I love writing them.

Finally, a more detailed version:

My name is Dulce Rodrigues and I am the award-winning author of Barry's Adventure and other children's books in English, French, Portuguese and German, and also of the kids website in several languages.

I was born on a spring day... many years ago in Lisbon, the lovely capital-city of a land of Navigators and Poets. Though Portuguese in my heart and by nationality, I nevertheless adopted Europe as my "home", most probably because living abroad makes it easier for me to widespread the rich historical and cultural aspects of my country; because I'll then know other people's culture and mentalities better. This, in turn, will open out my spiritual frontiers and influence my own life.

Language is the soul of a people, and the best way to understand other cultures is by learning their own languages and practising them whenever possible in their native country. I speak six living languages and I already lived in four different countries.

My deep thirst for knowledge led me to take two university courses: Science Foundation Course with the Open University, Brussels Dept, lab workshops at the University of Reading, in the UK, with a scholarship by NATO, Brussels, Belgium; and Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Lisbon, in Portugal.

But life has also its practical side, those materialistic aspects of our short passage on this earth, which is far from being a paradise. And I realised early that I should follow a professional career. I therefore took a few courses of professional interest, and for about forty years I spanned my career between my home country and those foreign countries I adopted and that adopted me.

As anybody else, I had ups and downs in my life but perseverance and work helped me overcome bad moments. I enjoy life and life has been good to me, rewarding me with grants for my studies in Germany and in the UK.

Travelling is another of my hobbies and I'm a little like the wind - always on the move. I nevertheless enjoy staying comfortably at home, wherever I have one... which means in more than one country. Nature, too, offers me delightful moments of meditation, through its splendour and diversity, and I love every form of artistic expression as far as it transmits Beauty. This is why I'm filled with sadness sometimes when I think about the Arts legacy - if ever we can call it Art - passed on to us through the last decades of the XX into the XXI century.

I am a member of several associations and societies, either in Portugal or abroad, and I was awarded nine literary prizes. While the Honorable Mention awarded at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival came from the US, eight other prizes came from Europe, including the award at the 2013 London Book Festival.

I have two grown-up sons and two lovely little grandchildren. They are the best reward life could ever have given to me.









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