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(Portuguese gastronomy: Caldo-verde à Minhota)

“Caldo-verde” (literally translated in English as green broth) is a traditional Portuguese soup that originated from the Minho province in northern Portugal, and spread across the country and even abroad. It is a must at the Minho Christmas table, and also consumed at certain popular celebrations, such as Saint John’s Day in Oporto, and Saint Anthony’s Day in Lisbon. The usual cabbage is collard greens, which is mainly cultivated in the northern of Portugal, but any other kind of loose-leafed cabbage is acceptable. The health benefits of “caldo-verde” are being proven scientifically, and I hope to write soon about it in The healing power of the PLANTS, but for the moment I’ll only be sharing with you the recipe of this national favourite that, it seems, prevents from cancer.

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Easy hint: In summer, when cabbages are somewhat tougher, it is advisable to scald them before adding to the broth.


1 - Cook the potatoes (preferably with their peel), the onion, and the garlic in 2-2.5 liters of salted water; add half the portion of the olive oil.
2 - Meanwhile, wash and shred the collard greens very finely. Cook the “chouriço”, too.
3 - When the potatoes and the other ingredients are well cooked, reduce them to purée. Ten to 15 minutes before serving, bring the purée to the boil again on a low to medium flame, then add the shredded collards, and let cook – uncovered, so that the collards stay green.
4 - Season to taste, and add the remaining olive oil.
5 - Serve in bowls or soup plates, and put one or two slices of “chouriço” in each dish, before pouring the “caldo-verde”.
6 - Serve with corn bread – usually one slice per person cut in half.


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