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(Portuguese recipe from "Entre Douro e Minho": Pastéis de Bacalhau)

Everybody knows that the Portugueses love codfish. In times of shortage of money, it's a must to eat healthy but cheap. In this aspect, codfish is a champion. The recipe I'm sharing here with you takes a little time, but the outcome is worth it. Enjoy your meal!

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Codfish fritters with carrots rice
Codfish fritters


To drink with the codfish fritters, red wine is better

Red wine Grão Vasco
Grão Vasco


1 - Leave the codfish to soak overnight or 12 hours in a basin with cold water (do not cover the basin).
2 - Cook the codfish with the bay leaves for about a quarter of an hour on a low heat; then drain and remove the bones and the skin and tear (or cut) in shreds.
3 - Cook the potatoes in their skins, peel and mash.
4 - While you wait that the codfish and the potatoes are cooked, peel and chop the onions and the garlic.
5 - In a large bowl, mix the shreded codfish with the mashed potatoes, add the chopped onions and garlic, and the parsley (and the mint), finely chopped.
6 - Season with salt and pepper and add the eggs beaten as for egg-nog. Mix well and knead the mixture with your hands as if it were dough. The number of eggs will depend on their size and also on the quality of the potatoes.
7 - Pour olive oil (or another cooking oil) in a deep pan and take it to the boil*.
8 - Using two tablespoons, shape small portions of the mixture into small cakes and deep-fry them in the hot oil**.

Serve with a green salad (seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice and herbs) or with carrots rice (or with both).


Handy Hint 1: * To check when the oil is hot enough, take a teaspoon full of the mixture and fry: if it swims in the oil, then the temperature is fine.
Handy Hint 2: ** The codfish fritters should only be moulded as they are taken to frying, one by one. If you prepare the codfish fritters well in advance, put them in the freezer. This will make things easier for you when frying them.

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